Turicentro Automariscos – Guatemala City 6th & 7th May

Having done our 24km drive back from the springs, we did a bit of shopping in Copan before heading for the Guatemalan border.  This was the quickest and most painless border crossing so far. Then we were back in Guatemala and heading for the city. The drive through the city was a nightmare. It was rush hour, we missed our turn, and had to be rescued by a very kind motorcyclist who got us back on track. The campground was great, the first with services  (water, electricity, drainage) since Costa Rica. It is also a waterpark, so that went down well with the girls.

 Our guidebook says that Guatemala is full of welcoming faces.  How true this is.

The following morning was laundry day. I called up to the office to organise a taxi to take me there. Rafael told me to come back at 2.30pm. Back I went, with Emma in tow, to be met by his two smiling daughters, Nancy and Ingrid, and his 7 year old grandson Ericcson. Off we went, but not to the laundry, to her friend’s house.  She was doing my washing. Into the car again, to go back to the campsite, as I thought, but no.  This time we went to Nancy’s house, where we were given drinks and biscuits and given a tour of her house, which she is obviously very proud of. I was then presented with a picture as a present for “Le Dia de la Madre” (Mother’s Day, which is on Monday). On the way back to the campsite we called into Ingrid’s house, a much humbler house, but equally welcoming. On our return, they had a tour of the van, and we managed to have a conversation with the help of Google translator.  Nancy finished up by inviting us to a barbecue at her house over the weekend.  How nice is that?

 Later that evening we had a visit from Juan Luis.  He is a friend of Brendan and Catherine’s and we last met him at their wedding (a few years ago!) He told us that he had organised for us to spend the weekend at a hotel in Antigua with him, his wife Sylvia and his son Manuel.  What a lovely surprise.

Juan Luis has already been great along the way, telling us where to go and what to do


2 Responses to “Turicentro Automariscos – Guatemala City 6th & 7th May”

  1. katie Says:

    are ya broke?
    now i know why i dont read the blogg too often… there is only so much jealousy that i can cope with at any one time!!
    i am so pig sick it’s nearly put me off my wine tonight!

    seriously though it looks amazing and i am glad you are all keping well. can’t wait to see ye all back in the rocky valley. i jog past your house so often and its looking good.

    all well here, in Uk at the moment, was in london for the weekend and am now with my friend up in a village in Pennines, went to York today and really enjoyed being a tourist.

    weather is fantastic, 28 degrees today.see ye soon!

    chernobyl children coming on thursday, got 2 nine year old girls, supposed to be nice kids and very poor.

  2. katie Says:

    sorry that was my mum 😛 xxxxxxxxxx

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