Jane says…… Emma had a small fit (the medical kind) this morning because, guess what? She wanted a pancake. Honestly, there are people out there who are starving and would willingly eat a turnip (ugh.), and Emma is here requesting a pancake. How could she be so selfish? Well, actually it was because we didn’t have any flour, but Emma wanted a pancake anyway. She didn’t want to get out of bed, but at 11 o’clock Dad dragged her out (literally) and plonked her on the floor. I think that must have hurt because Emma started howling, but then again, she did that about the pancake too.

I’ve noticed that almost everything I write is about Emma, but it’s understandable; we don’t have a TV. So I watch the Emma show. It’s quite loud and mostly plays reruns but it’s the only thing on. Yesterday Emma observed that the woman next door was “medicating”. She was actually meditating but I might let her off that one because both things are pretty weird. I can’t let her off the next one though. Dad told her that if she didn’t drink her milk she would get osteoporosis and be paralysed at the age of thirty. Then she turned around to Mum and asked what osteospertosis was.

Susan says:

I pointed out to Jane that when doing creative writing in school she may need to expand on her subject matter.  Her answer was “Why”?


3 Responses to “Interlude…”

  1. katie Says:

    hi jane,
    how are you getting on ?
    when is the season finished of the emma show ? (when are use home)
    i got a dog his name is jack ! i dont know if you are getting any of our comments?
    my mum has picked up running but it isn’t a nice site 😛 (believe me)
    i better go !

    lots of love katie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Eithne & Aidan Collins Says:

    Hi Jane & Emma
    We just came back from Portugal. I was of looking forward to coming home nd seeing ellie but now when I look out the window and cold and rainy weather, I really wish I was back in the heat. So, all I am saying is enjoy the weather in America!!!
    Hope you are still enjoing your holidays, is it still really hot out there because in the pics you are wearing jumpers.
    I am really looking forward to you coming home.
    Love from

  3. Billie Says:

    Hey Jane…
    when will you be back….I am not at home at the moment as I am in Louth but I will definitely try to meet up with you before school starts again (bet you’re not used to that…’re so lucky) anyways miss you so much 😦


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