Honeyman, Oregon 21st-23rd

We stopped off for three nights at the Oregon Dunes State Park.  The landscape look like what I thought the Sahara would be – Mile after mile of perfect dunes.  Only difference was the thousands of people on Quads, Dune Buggies and Sand Boards (more on that from Jane in a minute).  Parts of it looked like a scene from Mad Max.  I just had to have a go and rented a 250 Quad just for an hour.  I fell off about 5-6 times, rolled it once (they told me it wouldn’t) and got buried so often I lost count.  One hour left me in the same exhausted condition as a day at Mondello.  Great fun.  Next time I’ll bring a passenger to do the digging out though.

One thing that’s changed is the weather.  It’s COLD and very windy on the coast.  Fleeces, long trousers and boots nearly all the time.

We left Honeyman State Park on Friday intending to pull into another campsite further up the coast.  Every single one was full until Susan managed to make a booking over the phone about 60 mile further north than we intended.  Got to the campsite only to find that they had no record of the booking and they were full.  It was probably just as well.  It was a pigsty and the guy running it looked like Onslow from “Keeping Up Appearances”.

 We finally found one near Tillamook.  It was fine.

Jane Says……………

Dad says I have to write blog. So does Mum.

I hate writing blog. Bleh. For me writing blog is like being pleasant or eating healthily is for Emma. If everyone who knows Emma could please take a moment to consider that.

 We went sand boarding the other day. I was reasonably good at it but Emma wouldn’t even try, because she fell out of the bed onto her bum that morning. Stupid child. As you may have seen, Mum gave it a go. It was great to watch (that wasn’t a compliment, sorry mum.) Dad had a turn too and was a bit more successful than mum (that isn’t saying much)

The Blobby in the middle is me. No pictures from out on the Dunes.  The camera wouldn’t have survived

Something bad is about to happen

How it should be done


One Response to “Honeyman, Oregon 21st-23rd”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Susan, You look like a really coool skateboarder. Is that very profesional looking skateboarder in the last photo Emma. You look really really cool. It looks like good fun.
    Be in touch

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