Stuff since Portland 2nd August

Here’s the route we’ve taken since leaving Portland.


Straight over to Mount Rainier via Mt St Helen’s.  Tried to freak Jane out by telling we were going to camp in the Mt St Helen’s crater.  She wasn’t biting.

We’ve had no internet since Portland.  Possibly the longest we’ve done without Wifi.  So much for WA state being the IT Capital of the US.

The roads around Mt Rainier would have been great for biking but they were a bit of a chore in the van.  Great views though and still plenty of snow on the top – probably why they’re called Glaciers.  Did one decent hike in the park to what we were told was a great view point.  Note to self – Avoid hikes to “View Points” They’re always uphill.  This one was 3-4kms at a constant 10-15% gradient and the view was crap.  Good exercise though – which I badly need (either that or Lipo).

Decided to head to somewhere east of Olympic NP for a few days.  We were assuming it should be a bit warmer there than in the park (370cm of rain per year).  Camped up alongside the Hood Canal (actually a very long inlet).  Most of the other campers were out collecting Oysters on the beach – there were loads of them (Oysters and campers).  We got excited about the prospect until it clicked that none of the four of us really liked them.  So why get wet?

We’ve now moved on and into the Olympic NP.  It’s meant to be the only Temperate Rain Forest in the world.  It looks the same as every other forest we’ve been to in the Northwest. 

I realised we had a Qrt of Tequila and Gin that we need to get through in the next couple of days Yahey!  G&Ts for herself and mine’s a tall Margarita.  Although I’m sure Ian & Mary will help if we don’t get through them 🙂

Snow on big mountain.  I didn’t take the van to the top of this one.

Downed tree in the Olympic NP campground.  Firewood perhaps?

Emma attacks a slightly smaler log

Evidence we are still travelling together


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  1. Ellen..Xx Says:

    Cant wait to see you all!!!
    XxX 🙂

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