Getting on a plane today – 16th August

Last day of the trip and last post.  We’ve been in New York for 3 nights meeting up with friends (Helen, Steven & kids) who are over here on holiday.  We catch the 9:50 flight home tonight.  Very mixed feelings for Susan and I.  Neither of us want it to end but we are looking forward to meeting everyone back home after our 6 month holiday.  It’s a different matter for Jane and Emma.  They’ve been counting the days – although I haven’t heard much counting in Seattle or New York.

Okay so one last border crossing.  I hope the Irish immigration don’t look for a bung 🙂

All of us (minus Susan the Camera Lady) in Chinatown

Our Carnivores

Celebrating their birthdays …..Again


6 Responses to “Getting on a plane today – 16th August”

  1. Ann-Marie Says:

    I thought your arrival must have been immanent – heard the lawnmower going yesterday 🙂
    really looking forward to seeing some of my fave neighbours 🙂
    and I’m sure everyone’s looking forward to their own rooms and a complete kitchen!!!

  2. Colette Says:

    wow – it will probably feel very strange to be back. If you still have the wanderlust, you can always come to Meath !!

  3. david regan Says:

    well done guys – what a trip. Cherished memories forever for the children particularly.

    thoroughly enjoyed the blog – see you when you get back

  4. Eithne & Aidan Says:

    Hi! This is the last message from Emily, Elizabeth and Sarah.Looking forward to seeing you all. Must be exciting and sad at the same time. We were in Rosslare. It was really good fun but my mum, dad, sarah and I….we fell out of the kayak….EMBARRASSING. It was mostly embarrassing because the whole watersports centre was there.The third time was when we were actually able to sit in the boat without falling for around 5 minutes!:) Thankgod there was no photos!!!

  5. Ellen..Xx Says:

    YIPPEEEEE!!! Cant Wait 4 U To Come home Jane !! I think EVERYONE has been countin the days! Hehee! 🙂
    Miss ya LOADS!!!!!! Love You And Emma And We Have All miss u SSOOOO Much!! Love
    P.S Katie is away so wont be able 2 see u till next week! 😦
    Hopefully we will meet up soon!!!! XX 😀

  6. Helene & Bob Says:

    Welcome home you 4. Thank you for sharing your adventures and your wonderful humour with us. We didn’t miss a blog. Rushed out of bed every morning to keep track of you.
    Enjoy your home & friends, & remember, if ever you decide to visit Canada, we would love to see you again.
    Helebe & Bob

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