Home Sweet Home

Thank you to everyone for following the blog over the last six months and particularly for the many comments of support and encouragement.  We all loved seeing the comments arriving into our email and 3 or 4 days without Internet made it all the better becuase there was always a stack of them.  For those who didn’t leave a comment – the WordPress site gave daily traffic stats so we still knew you (or possibly some complete strangers) were reading. 

Home now and back to reality. Last border crossing was easy. I asked if I could put the SPOT tracking device on in the plane – the Aer Lingus cabin staff were no impresssed.

I’ve turned it on (SPOT) one last time to mark home.

Good Luck until next time


3 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Ann-Marie Says:

    glad to hear my neighbours are back 🙂 thanks for bringing the Seattle weather with you – we were doing just fine without your help!!!
    will have to pop round to say a proper hi soon

  2. Paul Says:

    “…..until next time”

    Sounds like there may be another trip in the pipeline!

    Welcome back. Look forward to catching up soon.

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