Campgrounds in Central America

When we set out to identify possible Central American camping options we scoured the Internet and found a number of sources which had a lot of overlap and were out of date to varying degrees (sure isn’t everything out of date!).   So rather than just publishing a list of locations we stayed in I’ve opted to take one of the more comprehensive lists from Dare2Go then updated and added to it.  I only made minimal updates to the Mexican part of the list because we tended to rely on the Church’s book until we entered Belize.

So find attached an updated list in Word format and with a GPX file embedded in it.  This can be extracted and uploaded to most SatNavs.  

Camping Sites Mexico & Central America – Updated 20100511

Sorry about the complication of the embedded file but WordPress only allows a limited number of file types to be uploaded.

11 Responses to “Campgrounds in Central America”

  1. jim golinsky Says:

    good work. we just retutned from 5 months in central america . honduras army is running wild??

    • ianc99 Says:

      No troubles at all in Honduras. All very quite and very little military presence. We went through the center (Copan-San Pedro Sula- Capital- Danli). I heard some “normal” police hassle was occuring in the western short crossing area. But I think this is always the case

  2. phonebill Says:

    Planning a 2-12 trip South/ THX Bill

  3. Ron Zunk Says:

    I took a quick glance at the camping sites and looks good. I travel in my RV, along with 2 other RVs and currently in Panama. We used Church’s book and websites to find places to stay. I’ll email you other places to camp if you are interested. It may take a while but I’ll be more than glad to email you. We have all found that the people in Panama are not as friendly as other countries, wonder why? John broke his windshield a few days ago and having a huge problem trying to get a replacement from the US. We may leave him here and continue on thru Panama and meet up with him again further down the road. We are in Changuinola which is not exactly a tourist spot, parked in back of a gas station. UGH! Ron

  4. jimmy Says:

    i will open a low budget campground in Nicaragua next month(December . 2010), but there is no regular access by truck. (there is a non public dirt road for really tough 4×4)… so its a backpackers place.
    but the first one around, and directly on the beach. so if you are interested check out my page (the good vibes farm)

  5. Felix Says:

    Unfortunately there is no GPX file attached in the Word document. Could you please post the file on your blog.

    Thanks a lot for your help

    • ianc99 Says:

      Felix- It’s in there alright. But I’ll also email it to you directly – WordPress doen’t allow non-standard file uploads. Best of luck on your travels.

  6. Michel & Ursi Says:

    Hey… we just passed through Honduras… your Waypoint of Lago De Yojoa/Hotel Remos seems to be wrong. We saw a Hotel Los Remos afterwards when heading to Tegucigalpa at point N 14.79326° W 87.98242° . I guess you meant that one.

    Michel & Ursi

  7. ianc99 Says:

    Michel – I’ll try to check that and update. Thanks for the feedback. It’s nice to know the file is being used

  8. Oaxaca Campground Says:

    Note to all who are travelling in Mexico. The old Oaxaca Campground in Oaxaca City is not permanently closed. You will find an office building in its place. The new Oaxaca Campground opened last November and is at km 18 travelling east on the Pan American Highway from Oaxaca City. More info at

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