Where are we?

To find where we are now and where we’ve been for the last week just click on: 



6 Responses to “Where are we?”

  1. Mark Ryan Says:

    Hope you are all well. By the sounds of things it is a great trip. It sounds so much more civilized than the hairy bikers trip!

    take care


  2. Glen Says:

    I see by your “spot” that you have moved on from PaaMul. Now in Chetumal.
    There is a dandy Mayan museum there.

    Have a great trip. We’ll check in from time to time and share it with you.
    If you head back through eastern Canada, we spend our summers in an rv park in Southern Ontario — lovely in the summer.
    Glen and Susan

  3. Teresa and Ivor Says:

    Happy Birthday Susan! Did you really have to travel so far to avoid a party?!! Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time! Enjoy your day. We caught up with Eithne and Aiden last night – it was great to see them. Take care, love to all, Teresa and Ivor x

  4. Sadie Says:

    Hi Emma,

    it sounds like your having SOOOOOOO much fun.
    I got my ears pierced a while ago and I got a new teacher called Ms. Sugru cos Ms. de bruin had a baby. The activities started aswell and i am on the same team as kym/kim so it isnt boring most of the time. Are you going back to the hockey? i am not sure if i am cos it is way too early and way too long and sometimes way too boring :D. i am going to the Wicklow races in June and on Thursday i am going to Anna’s party. I wish you could have come to my party. it was a sleepover and i was tired afterwards. i got a phone for my birthday and it is hello kitty (so sweet).

    See you next year,
    Sadie (the girl you had hot chocolate with in Avoca :D)
    P.S swimming is not nearly as much fun without you.

  5. Lucy Tierney Says:

    Hey Emma,
    How are you?
    From Lucy.

  6. cousin lesley Says:

    hey my favourite girls write and tell me all about it. sorry not been in touch taken me a while to get over having a bad kidney.!! i’m jealous looks like u been having heaps of fun!!

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